Cup dosering BJ-V


Cup dosering BJ-V

Art Nr.: Cup dosering BJ-V

BJ-V volumetric cups dosing 

The volumetric cups dosing represents the best solution for dosing a large range of granular flowing products, as rice, salt, dry pulses, sugar, granular spices, seeds, etc... 

It is provided with lung-hopper, leveling brushes and electrically adjustable cups. 

It has the ideal coupling with Packaging Machines; It can be used also for filling pre-made bags, boxes, etc. 

All parts in contact with the product are made in AISI 304 stainless steel. 

Volumetric cups: 5 sets 
Ration range: 100-3000g (For require) 
Ration speed: 20-80 T/m (Enable to adjust)